by Lwando Lunika and Simon Venter

The artworks in this exhibition explore how Lwando Lunika and Simon Venter perceive people. Either those they know well, or those whom they met in passing.

It explores the way in which their memory constructs recollections of figures, feelings and places which are often only bits of who they are. Yet in those fragments there lies some truth – however vague it may be.

The viewer may through their own thoughts and ponderings arrive at their recollections of their memories of their own people, places, and stories.



Lwando Lunika was born in Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape. He is a young and largely self-taught artist, though he studied at Masifunde Learner Development under the guidance of the emerging artist, Banele Njadayi.

Lwando mainly specializes in pencil and charcoal and has recently been exploring with collage and paint. His work inspires and expresses everyday’ s self-thoughts that one keeps within, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, low self-esteem. The purpose is the significance of man being vocal when it comes to freedom of expression in a positive and beneficial manner. Lwando believes that serving peace and happiness starts in fighting the man in the mirror and the conflict between the heart and consciousness. Thus, creating a world of free-spirited beings.

His work inspires young people in his community. Through this Lwando currently holds art classes which has created the legacy of young people practicing art in his community.


Simon Venter My ambition with my art is to create something that is true to who I am as a person. This means that my work aims to be honest and insightful. I do not aim to create something that I think is ‘original’ when it is merely an indecipherable mess.

As a painter I am self-taught, the only formal training I have is that which I received during my high school years. In my work I endeavour to use the traditional approaches and medium of oil painting to create artworks which reflect both the contemporary and historical approaches to art.

In this regard I want to use this approach to tell the stories of individuals and by extension the broader society in which they live as I see the individual as being reflected in the more formalised traditional approach while the more abstract and experimental elements, I think represent society as the abstract yet present elements surrounding us.