Colourful, contrasting and ever-evolving, the Creative Block collection is the result of a one-of-a-kind initiative. Each unique Creative Block artwork represents one of more than 250 participating artists; their individual stories, subject matter, and style. It’s when they’re displayed together that they create something magical – a rich and striking expression of South African culture. 

The Creative Block invites established and emerging artists to submit an application for participation. This programme provides a fun platform of experimentation, with many established artists continuing to submit Creative Blocks. It is the entry point for artists who want to engage with SPIER ARTS TRUST and its ecosystem of artist career development opportunities. Both the size and the price of Creative Block artworks are set, regardless of artist tenure or medium. Each Creative Block carries the artist’s biography on the back. This allows the artists to enjoy significant exposure as these artworks are displayed around the globe, travel to art fairs and are in the collections of the public, patrons and corporate offices. Behind these logistics is a vision that is two-fold: to empower South African artists by offering them regular income and exposure, and to offer collectors access to the work of both established and emerging artists, at affordable prices.

Because the blocks are sold at a standard price, collectors have the rare opportunity of purchasing affordable works by renowned artists, as well as experimenting with emerging artists’ work. In addition, the format invites creative play from collectors, as they curate their own meaning by selecting specific works to contrast and complement each other – adding, rearranging and even exchanging blocks according to changing tastes or environments.

The GFI Art Gallery is proud to be associated with this inspiring project since 2017.


Founded in 1972, Ceramics Southern Africa is the official representative body of potters in Southern Africa. The objective of the association is to promote ceramics in Southern Africa by improving the work being produced and to foster an interest in ceramics by the general public. This is done by presenting workshops and organising exhibitions regionally and nationally.

The purpose of Ceramics Southern Africa is to maintain a representative forum for the encouragement and fostering of the art and craft of ceramics in Southern Africa. The field encompasses all relevant processes that add value to clay.

We encourage and foster:

  • The creation of awareness of the aesthetic, artistic, cultural, and utilitarian value of ceramics.
  • The open exchange of skills and the advancement of expertise.
  • Building of cooperative relationships between the participants in the value chain of ceramics from resource production through to public distribution.
  • Development of the art and craft as a vehicle for economic empowerment and value creation.
  • Professional and ethical management of the activities to increase the economic importance of the art and craft in Southern Africa.
  • The growth of local and international interactions to ensure awareness of trends in the field.
  • The active expression of fun in all endeavors with the medium of clay.
  • Members range from leading professionals to hobbyists.